the basic's of ghost hunting equipment book paperback matte finsh with a built in  journal

the basic's of ghost hunting equipment book paperback matte finsh with a built in journal

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Built in journal at the back of the book for your paranormal investigations for notes 

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Let’s Talk About Basic Ghost Hunting Equipment That You Can Use Ghost Hunting!

When you start looking around there seems to be an almost endless variety of ghost hunting equipment available. I’m going to explain the basic’s of ghost hunting equipment that is used in all paranormal investigations,
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at the back of the book there is 20 pages of notes for your investigations that you are able to write on

the questions below will be included in this book What is a ghost? What is the paranormal?
Does the equipment you buy have to be expensive? Types of paranormal equipment
Can you trust handmade paranormal equipment?
Why is handmade ghost hunting equipment cheaper? Some tips of ghost hunting equipment Can I do a investigation without scientific equipment ? And so much more
You will gain a better insight into determining what paranormal equipment you actually need when your out there in the field hunting ghosts Chapter 1  - What is a ghost? Chapter 2 – what is the paranormal? Chapter 3 – what is paranormal equipment? Chapter 4 – does paranormal equipment have to be expensive? Chapter 5 – can I conduct a paranormal investigation without scientific equipment? Chapter 6 – what are the most important pieces of equipment to take to a paranormal investigation? Chapter 7 – collecting quantitative data Chapter 8 – other devices to communicate with sprits/ghost


paper back matte finish