SCIRE Triplepack - 3 paranormal equipment devices - Vibration, Temp, Pressure - ghostswithin

SCIRE Triplepack - 3 paranormal equipment devices - Vibration, Temp, Pressure

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This is the SCIRE Triple pack, which is a great value bundle deal for the first three devices in the SCIRE range of paranormal investigation paranormal hunting equipment.
The SCIRE Triple pack contains ONE of each of the following devices:
SIZMO - Sensitive vibration sensor and alert

The SCIRE Sizmo vibration monitoring device provides visual and auditory alarms when it detects a vibration

To see it in action, please watch our demonstration video:


During a paranormal investigation, people often report taps, bangs and footsteps.  This device is designed to alert the  investigator if any of these sounds actually caused physical vibrations in whatever it is placed on or near.

It uses a revolutionary vibration focusing chamber within the device to capture even the smallest of vibrations. It doesn't even need to be placed on a solid surface to work, check out the demo video to see it detect vibrations whilst sitting on a 4" block of foam!

Advanced Information

When the device starts, it performs a system check followed by a green light and two beeps to show it is ready to go.

If it detects a vibration, the SIZMO will light up purple, and provide a brief tone before the purple light slowly dims.

The SIZMO is constantly monitoring, so even if an alarm is triggered, further vibrations will produce further alarms.

Very high frequency vibrations would show themselves as an almost constant alarm, rather than individual tones.

The focus chamber within the SIZMO is designed to maximise the sensing capability. One component of the chamber is a moving weight, which can be heard if the device is shaken. Normal movement of the SIZMO is fine, but excessive shaking could damage the chamber. Please do not use the SIZMO as a maraca!

Size: 9cmx8cmx8cm

AeroFlux II - Detects Air Pressure fluctuations linked to Paranormal events


The Scire AeroFlux II monitoring device which provides visual and auditory alarms when it detects an Air pressure fluctuations

Demonstration video:

New and Improved!

The AeroFlux II improves on it's predecessor by more than doubling the data resolution, now logging the air pressure 23 times a second which enhances it's ability to detect these patterns of fluctuation and reduces the chance of misidentification or missing an event.


This is an exciting device, as it is the result of a study started in 2014 into the environmental conductions present during paranormal events.  Data loggers were used to record many environmental variables, each and every second.  Then when an event was witnessed, the conditions at the time were linked to it.

Over the course of hundreds of recorded paranormal events certain patterns were observed. One of these was related to Air pressure, which routinely shows sign of fluctuation both just before and during other paranormal events occurring.   For the past two years, this specific environmental variable has been included in investigation techniques and the exact periods and amount of fluctuation has been determined by experimentation.

I am very interested in investigators experiences using the AeroFlux II, and how effective it has been in alerting to or predicting other paranormal events.

Advanced Information

The information gained by this study has been used to create the AeroFlux II.   It monitors the air pressure after it is turned on, and provides three different stages:

“Green Mode” shows that the device is working, and actively monitoring the air pressure, it takes 23 readings every second, and compares against previous readings to determine a pattern of fluctuation.

“Amber Alert” is linked to occurrences where the pressure has started to fluctuate to a pattern which predominately matched a large number of recorded events which could be classed as minor. i.e. small unexplained noised, small E.M.F spikes, slight changes in temperature.

“Red Alert” is linked to a pattern which matched more pronounced recorded events, i.e. Loud noises, visual anomalies, Strong Electromagnetic Field spikes, device triggers.

Size: 8cm x 6.6cm x 5.5cm

SCIRE Thermal Anomaly Device v2 TAD II - Hot/Cold Temperature Alarm
The TAD II measures changes in the temperature of the room and provides an audio and visual notification if it detects and sudden hot or cold spots.
Please take a look at this video to see a full demonstration:
What is new?
The Thermal Anomaly Detector II or TAD II is a significant advancement on the highly successful TAD. It encorperates much faster environment monitoring, with a more sophisticated alarm system which not only detects briefer periods of extreme temperature changes, but allows the user to see what it detected after the event, with the unit staying lit even after the alarm.
The TAD is 90mm long x 50mm high x 40mm wide & requires a 9v battery (not included)
Advanced Information
The TAD II conducts a baseline calibration when it starts, flashing purple and cyan until it has completed.
After that point, it measures the temperature many times a second and if this temperature deviates from the average of the past 100 readings by 0.2 degrees, it raises the alarm.
The normalise function prevents false alarms, when a hot/cold spot is reported, it doesn’t alert you to the opposite when the temperature returns back to normal.
This function prevents false alarms. In other temp sensors when a cold spot is recorded, they tend to then give a hot spot alarm as the temperature returns to normal.  The TAD doesn't do this.  When you see a hot or cold spot alarm, you can be sure that something new has actually happened.
Relevant to all products

These devices are part of the continued investigation into the paranormal and is an effort to share the findings of this study with other field researchers.  The alerts are triggered by conditions which have been present during other recorded paranormal events, but are not guarantees that other events will occur!  The purpose is to provide an early warning to investigators to pay close attention to what else might be going on

Requires a Phillips screwdriver to open the battery cover and a 9v battery to power it, a 600maH battery is recommended.
Screwdriver and battery are not included.

Instruction sheet is included