PSB7-PRO SPIRIT BOX - Just released! Take your EVPs to another dimension!

PSB7-PRO SPIRIT BOX - Just released! Take your EVPs to another dimension!

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Just released!

We're honored to be the 3rd reseller of this amazing new piece of ITC equipment.

After three years of research and testing by Gary Galka, the inventor behind the REM-POD, Mel Meter, APF-D etc., we are thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking EVP receiver that gives you the ability to take your EVPs to a higher level!

What's the concept behind it and what does it do?

One of the key features is the adjustable frequency steps- this allows you to scan the kHz between radio stations. This blends and overlaps radio frequencies, giving spirits an easier path to communicate by radio.

Through years of research and an advanced system called RadioX-ITC that he built, Gary went through many prototypes. Through this research and development, he was able to identify frequencies that generate the most EVPs. The frequencies that allow communications to flow, i.e. the preferred spirit frequencies. He says he got assistance from the other side. Once he figured out which are the best performing communication frequencies, his goal was to create the most clear, crisp and elongated EVPs. To achieve the desired outcome, he came up with a technology that allows the user to set the length of the sweep frequency steps and also set the sweep speed all the way down to 30 milli seconds (mS). He also created a software filtering. By overlapping and blending the frequency he could then produce a hot spot for communication based on up to 40 frequencies blended together.

The device has many new technologies such as integrated REM Field and IR Emitter sensors. It also comes with ambient temp and ATDD. The speaker at 250 mW and delivers premium audio. Please see the Features list below.

The REM field and IR Emitter/Transmitter triggers can be individually used or combined. You can choose a mute mode, so you only hear something when they are triggered. What this does for your investigation is allow spirits to interact with the PSB7-PRO directly. When either the REM field or IR is triggered, the sweep response will activate for a few seconds, allowing the spirits to communicate as they are interacting through this amazing device.

REM Interactive Touch Pad Technique

This is a new technique to stimulate more communication to come through. This PSB7-PRO is equipped with a REM touch pad. By randomly tapping it the results have been an increase in communications received. This came about from the product designer's experience with the APF-D Processor, with more EVPs coming through after it was reset.

Watch the video below to see this method in action.

For even more stellar EVP sessions

Are you really serious about your EVP work? If so, you can connect the PSB7-PRO to an APF-D Processor, ANC-Mini and to any Portal - like the Para4ce Portal V5. 


  • Engineered unique frequency hotspots where communication flows best.
  • Customizable frequencies
  • Advanced frequencies management
  • Large screen with red backlight
  • Powered by 3AA batteries (included)- always use new brand name alkaline type.
  • Adjustable frequency steps (10 kHz FM, 1 kHz AM)
  • 17 Adjustable sweep rate from 30 mS to 350 mS between FM and AM bands
  • Forward and reverse sweep 
  • Optional audible alerts
  • Premium Sound Quality
  • REM Field trigger sensor - with timer
  • IR Emitter and Receiver trigger - with timer
  • REM Field and IR sensor co-ordinated trigger - with timer
  • Mute button - specially created for use in trigger mode - stays silent until triggered
  • Built in flashlight
  • REM field trigger sensor
  • IR emitter/receiver trigger sensor
  • Ambient Temp and Temp Deviation measurement - chose between °C and °F
  • Audio alert for sudden peaks of temperature
  • 15mW earphone and 250mW speaker output
  • Antenna on/off switch
  • 5 1/2 inches x 3 3/8 inches = 14cm x 8.5 cm
  • 7.5 oz = 213 g5

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