Para4ce Ghost Box Spirit Box
Para4ce Ghost Box Spirit Box
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Para4ce Ghost Box Spirit Box

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Para4ce Ghost Box Spirit Box

The Para4ce Ghost Box is a new full colour touch screen Spirit Box. It has some amazing features and allows you too sweep forwards and backwords, change the sweep speed and adjust the volume. The antenna is built into the Para4ce Ghost Box and can be turned on and off with the touch of a button. You may want to do this if you are getting too many radio stations coming through. There are 12 different scan speeds so you can sweep through the stations fast, slow, and everything in between.

As it’s an LCD touch screen it can be used in complete darkness, the screen emits light and the buttons are on the screen. The screen includes everything from the battery life indicator, current frequency, current scan speed, scan direction, current volume level and whether the antenna is turned on of off. The Paraf4ce Spirit Box is a well-built device with a good quality speaker so you can hear the responses clearly

The Para4ce Ghost Box is a custom-built radio dedicated for spirit and ghost communication. It basically scans through all of the radio stations without stopping, allowing spirits to respond to use through the white noise. The Para4ce Spirit Box only scans through FM radio stations as very few spirits respond on AM stations. It scans all the way from 76Mhz to 108Mhz, you can remain on any station if you need to by pausing it.

The Para4ce Ghost Box has an antenna built in, which you can turn on and off using the switch on the top of the device. If you turn the antenna of it acts like a faraday cage and will dramatically limit real radio stations coming through. Ensuring the majority of your responses are genuinely paranormal. If you would prefer the Para4ce Spirit Box to act similar to other spirit boxes you can just leave it turned on. There is an antenna icon on the screen telling you if it’s turned on or off.

Interaction Communication

The Para4ce Ghost Box can be used for interaction with a spirit using the built in Interaction Communication Sensor. This sensor starts the radio scanning if it has been paused. You can pause the scanner, and ask the spirits to start it again. The ghosts should be able to do this quite easily as the sensor is designed for this purpose. You can pause it and ask them to start it again if they died in this location. This is a handy feature and can be used in addition to its spiritbox feature.

Great Performance

The Para4ce Spirit Box is a dedicated spirit box, and all of its processing power is dedicated to the single task it does. Its very responsive, accurate, and works amazingly well for spirit communication purposes. This is one of the best ghost boxes on the market and works well for beginners and experienced paranormal investigators.

Para4ce Ghost Box Tips:

Using a recording device: As the Ghost Box has a 3.5mm audio output you can record your spirit box session onto your EVP recorder. We recommend you place the units right next to each other and use a cord no longer than 12 inches (30 cm), as the cord can act as an antenna.

Battery lid screws: There are no screws for the battery lid, they are not needed and they are not supplied with the unit.

Using external portal or amplifier: The Para4ce Ghost Box does have a powerful and clear 1w speaker, but this can be improved with a good quality portal or external speaker. Your amplifier or portal can amplify EVPs that come through, which makes communication with the spirit world come through much more clearly. This will decrease the chances of missing an EVP that may be too quiet to hear otherwise.

Be patient: As with all paranormal investigation’s patience is required. The level of patience required can be compare it to fishing. It’s extremely rare to receive constant action, and it can be even more rare to capture something substantial. Activity usually happens quite suddenly and is usually very brief.

Para4ce Spirit Box features:
  • Full colour Touch Screen controlled
  • 12 different scanning speeds
  • Scans Forward and in Reverse
  • Powerful built-in 1w speaker.
  • Built-in antenna to reduce interference
  • Backlit 3.5mm jack socket for plugging in a recorder, portal or external speaker
  • Headphones not recommended due to potential hearing loss
  • Power: 4x AAA branded batteries (not included).
  • Battery level indicator shows battery levels
  • Excellent workmanship and build quality!
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Antenna can be turned on and off