motion sensor robot

motion sensor robot

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This is a kid’s toy that dances and will fetch things, it wasn't designed for ghost hunting... yet is has an amazing feature called gesture detection. This uses an infrared camera and sensors to detect motion Infront of it. Allowing you to control the robot with your hands, move it forward, move it backwards and turn it around.

Spirits and ghosts are able to manipulate this feature, as seen on biggest ghost hunting channel in the UK... Ghost of Britain.

They have with much success had spirits move the robot around Infront of them. We have thoroughly tested the theory as well at many haunted locations around the UK. You can ask the spirits to make the robot move, and if they are willing, they can make the robot move.


• Can be moved around by spirits
• Has lights and sounds once movement is triggered
• Looks unique and original

Instructions for use

The robot has 5 modes, one of them is gesture mode. You need to put it in gesture mode so it uses the infra-red sensors. You turn the left wheel until the light on the ghost hunting robots chest turns BLUE. This means it’s in gesture mode. Once it's in gesture mode place it down on a flat surface at your haunted location. You can then ask the spirits to move the robot around.