Mel Meter MEL-8704R REM-ATDD

Mel Meter MEL-8704R REM-ATDD

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  1. EMF Meter
    The main feature is a highly-sensitive EMF meter. This allows you to detect electromagnetic frequencies when they are in range. EMF meters are used in paranormal investigation to detect any big changes in electromagnetic frequencies. The telescopic antenna improves sensitivity and allows you to pick up EMF energy from a wider distance away.
  2. Digital Thermometer/ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection)
    The next important feature in this Mel Meter is a digital thermometer. It is regarded that when you are in the presence of a paranormal entity, there are usually spikes or dips in the temperature. This device measures the temperature using an ambient thermal probe, and notifies you when there are any changes. ATDD allows you to monitor the temperature surrounding the device. If the temperature drops, it will give off a low sounding tone, and if it rises, it will give off a high sounding tone.
  3. RED IR-safe Illuminator
    Allows you to see the environment and the area that you are conducting your paranormal investigation in without disrupting night-vision equipment.
  4. REM Feature
    Much like the classic REM-Pod, with the Mel Meter you are able to turn on a REM feature which creates an electromagnetic field and alerts you if anything enters the field, measuring the electromagnetic frequency.