Lucy Taylor-Owner/founder/investigator and location picker and history finder

Growing up with my dad I have always believed in the paranormal, every
house we lived in has been haunted, my dad always picked the
completely derelict houses to renovate (no joke they where ruins), so
when renovations where going on we always experienced something like
footsteps or doors shutting etc, including the house we live in now there
was a piano in the front room that would play by it self every night we
caught our bathroom door opening and shutting on camera at 3am.
My first proper experience was when we first moved to Scotland I was
12 years old. The house we where in was 18th century and I was making
a coffee for my dad I got to the kitchen door and the tea spoon(i just
used)got thrown from the worktop to my feet, at the door that was quite
a distance.
The second was the house we are renovating now a 17th century house
we where staying the night my dad and sister where in the van out side I
was In the 2nd basement just asking questions it wasn't late it was 7pm
nothing happened until the last moment I said “i believe your hear” then
where the 1st stairs are to up to the 1st basement there was a curtain it
shut on me that was my only exit out the house, in that basement I have
been touched 3 times, 2 across my mouth (as in someone's fingers
playing the piano style) and once on my forehead. Yes its scary I cannot
say its not, that's why I am investigating to capture and experience the
paranormal but I want to see how far my adrenalin/fear will push me
when I am vulnerable (sleeping alone and the challenges we face).i love
investigating and I love the history that is involved in the building, and
researching them.
I also have 4 diplomas in the paranormal field,
so if anyone feels uneasy I am able to give them a safe cleansing or if a
client wants a house cleansing I am able to do that. 


Christopher Taylor - Co founder/investigator/challanger (aka sadistic one)/location picker 

I renovate old Victorian houses as a living I have always been
interested in old houses and the history inside.
My experience starts with my father, something happened
which was picked up by Middlesbrough gazette, a place called
Marton manor, back in the 80s a maid was photographed
picking flowers she was see through plus that building was
empty. Secondly I went and lived in Redcar, we used to stop at
Kirkleatham hall, tumble weed would roll down the street and
where I saw my first full apparition a man crossing the road
into a wall, funny now as they have a motoway each side and
haven't touched this small village they have just gone around
it, it is now a Halloween destination.
My third experience I renovated my mother in laws house, and
me and my son where tormented by a sprit, as much as we
where chased out of that house only to see her (mother in law)
up against the door.
I come from a family of psychics and a white witch with
romani gypsies link.
Im on a mission to prove to the world after life is hear for us
too see, just open up and you will see it, I am the prankster
and sadistic one in the team, I love to frighten and love to find
new ways to heighten fear.
But I will ALWAYS be the first one in everytime.


Hannah Taylor- Stills photographer/investigator 

Hannah doesn't know any location we go to or history till we are there 

I have always been a believer in the paranormal, I know there is a spirit platform
out there purely by the evidence we have caught as a team and the personal
experiences I have encountered.
I am the still photographer for the team, I use a Polaroid camera & a digital
camera, the Polaroid camera is my favourite as its instant film/proof of something
you may have caught. 90% of the time the Polaroid films are hard evidence as its
rare to get camera glair/trickery.
YES I have been terrified, and yet I carry on investigating, putting my self through
the motions and experiences, the fear because its almost like an addiction once
you have had the experience there is no way you can shut that out.
I am the most nervous, anxious & most likely to scream and run I am super jumpy
but that is fear, if you don't think something is there then why would you have that
much fear?
I'm so intrigued & Dedicated to proving life after death does exist naturally and
Keep an open mind, you will see, hear and feel what's around you.


Thomas Taylor-Tech man/investihator

My paranormal journey started at the age of 20 nearly 9 years ago. I was
renovating a building with my dad it was my mother's parents house who passed
away earlier in that year. The experiences started off small and over the course of
the week got heavier and heavier. It seemed that the more we changed the more
agitated the spirits got to eventually at one point forcing myself and my dad out
the house.
I like the science side of paranormal investigation. Understanding the use of
equipment and how it helps to determine if something is truly paranormal. We
have acquired a vast amount of equipment over the years which can prove
existence of paranormal energy ,through sls cameras, thermal cameras, rem pods ,
evp devices and emf.
As much as I like to chase the ghosts it's still a nervy subject for me this is why I
love it because it forces you to brake down the barrier and face your fears . It takes
alot of nerve to step out your comfort zone but by doing so your making yourself
vulnerable which in turn we believe creates the energy needed to fuel the spirts to
come and play . that is why I do this for the adrenaline , fear, curiosity and
concrete proof.